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Gelatinous' Gun x Sword Tv Review

Rated: 8

The presentation is great.

It's so much fun to watch I'm dying for episode four to come out... Luckily, there aren't any cliffhangers yet. Van doesn't do anything out of character (he doesn't seem to like to help or get involved with others) but he still does -something- with his great armor, as Wendy and me, the audience, wants him to. I mean, he's so strong, why not help the weak? His love for incredibly disgusting and spicy food is interesting... (he likes Milk, and cheap food that is slathered in -all- available condiments. My guess is that he's always been poor, and putting in all the condiments is kind of getting the most out of the food. He exclaims "SPICY!!!!" upon the first bite)


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Gelatinous' Burst Angel Tv Review

Rated: 8

I found it extremely enoyable to watch. Plot developed at a good pace, with fun here and there. Some things were weird, so some people will have a problem with this (for example, the giant squid - why's it giant? this isn't explained) But it was still fun & Jo got to kick ass so no big. Some parts were funny, also a plus. Though, it's a little tiring watching Meg get kidnapped repeatedly especially when it was so damn obvious (giant crow, episode like, seven).

Despite that I completely hated the end, I would recommend this to almost anyone.


Sei (seemingly) dies, which of course was horrible for me. And Meg taking Jo's place was just irritating... .I mean, i know they left the story open for an OAV but STILLL.

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Gelatinous' Kannazuki no Miko Tv Review

Kannazuki no Miko

Rated: 8


Well, I had some problems with how long Himeko is with Oogami. I mean, you -know- Himeko is going to get with Chikane-chan but what the heck, WHEN???

I would have liked for them to have a longer, happier relationship.

The story was kind of predictable for a little while and then I got thrown completely off, which, is good. There wasn't much humor, but it isn't a comedy. Fairly original, but I found it very enjoyable to watch - then again, I like shoujo-ai.

Non shoujo-ai fans most likely wouldn't like this (case in point: my brother) so that may hurt its overall appeal (but if you're not a shoujo-ai fan why watch this at all?)

The characters are all good, with some development.

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